The Boxing Fitness Bootcamp

"An integrated kickboxing session that uses traditional training techniques derived from the martial arts along with modern personal training techniques based on proven exercise science."

Women's Kickboxing Classes

Kick box your way to a better body.

Kickboxing combines dynamic and explosive movements to provide an all-over cardio and toning workout. Other benefits of the exercise and self-defense art include improved strength, agility and quickness.

Mesa Kickboxing Center offers kickboxing classes designed specifically for women. These classes will increase your aerobic capacity, teach you conditioning drills and self-defense techniques as well as get you in tip-top shape. Mesa Kickboxing Center's Women's Kickboxing Class incorporates boxing and kickboxing moves, karate, bag work and stretching.

We have morning and evening classes call for more info.Unlimited group classes are $49 a month. If group classes are not your thing, than train one on one with a certified Mesa Kickboxing Center trainer.

The cost is:

See results in as little as two weeks; enroll now.


All you need to start the Kick boxing Boot camp is:

» A workout towel

» Hand wraps

» Boxing gloves

» Regular workout attire

» Running shoes

Unlimited Kick boxing classes for only $49 a month.

To learn more about Mesa Kick Boxing Center, contact us at... or 602-348-2764

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Competitive Kick Boxing Program

Whether you want to train like the pros without competing or want to try your hand in competitive kickboxing, Mesa Kickboxing Center can help you meet your goals. The Competitive Fighter Program teaches you to strike with power, increases your endurance and prepares you to fight. The classes will help you become stronger, faster and more confident.

Each class incorporates pushups, sit-ups, jump rope training, bag drills and sparring. The Competitive Fighter Program focuses on muscle development, endurance, speed and fighting skills.

Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and Fridays from 6 to 7 p.m. The program is $80 a month.

Get in the fighting spirit; enroll in the Competitive Fighter Program now.

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